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This particular tire was made the 35 At Tires-easy we consider the tire warranty to begin from the date of purchase, not the DOT Date Code.

This means if you purchase new tires today, and the DOT Date Code was a year ago, your warranty still begins on the purchase date, not the manufacture date of the tire.

The chronological age of any tire can be found on the tire sidewall by examining the characters following the symbol "DOT".

Once tires reach the US, they are moved into Tires-Easy industrial tire warehouses, to ensure proper storage and prevent exposure to seasonal weather conditions.

After this quick guide you will clearly understand how to find the manufacture date of your tire and understand how Tires-Easy handles tire age based on the DOT Date Code.

The first two numbers are the week the tire was manufactured, for instance in the example below, 35 stands for week 35.

When shopping for new tires from tirerack.com, the production date of the tires is listed. How old would a "new tire" have to be before you passed it over?

I'm considering tires from a 2007 production run, which would make them around 5 years old today (after damaging a tire, I'm looking at buying a pair of the same tires to match whats already on the car). Personally, I'd never use tyres which are more than 5 years old, regardless of visual appearance.

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