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After the installation, depending to the usage and environment one of the "limits" I mentioned above will be reached; either it will wear off due to usage or start to be more "hard" or "less grippy" after around 4 or 5 years (from production date) depending to the production quality of tire. When you need to buy new tires, I suggest check the production date if it is not older than one year. I honestly wouldn't worry about it if you plan on using them regularly.

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Once tires reach the US, they are moved into Tires-Easy industrial tire warehouses, to ensure proper storage and prevent exposure to seasonal weather conditions.We have regularly sold tires up to 5 years old, and that is to a wholesaler (which means they could sit for an additional amount of time before being sold, and then be used for several years after that).Almost all manufacturers regularly and without discounts, sell to 3 years.A car with old winter tyres on a chilly day (-5 to -10 C) has the steering characteristics of a 1.5 ton curling stone.Do yourself a favour and buy new ones -- with winter and summer sets, they will last for approximately 5 years while doing ~20000 km per year on average, and the cost amortized over the years is not a big deal. I've seen a set of 5 year old tires basically disintegrate (cracked so bad they sprung leaks everywhere at once), but that was probably due to heat cycles (as they had 140,000 highway miles on them).

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