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Some cracked versions might have taken out those reporting tools.

Our analytics show that 11% of all installs of the game have been paid for.

And the Actors playing the two main characters (Jack and Maria) are Canadians too.

As you might know we recently launched a fun new shoot’em up with the team at Bloodirony called Shooting Stars!

Meanwhile, Clariss is faced with a mysterious voice and also discovers the message "Alchemy" being forced to his mirror with an invisible force.

Unlike paid dating sites which only want you to pay them all the time, Date Me Mate Me will never take your money.With Android though, one of the harsh realities is we see rampant piracy compared to i OS with our paid titles.We launched Wayward Souls, one of the biggest, best reviewed premium games from Rocketcat Games one year ago to Android.I will try to keep seeding constantly for the next few weeks, after than I may just leave it running at weekends and overnight.Also my seeding abilities are a little unreliable of late, if you are seeing no nodes make sure you have a port open and you're not unconnectable.

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