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"I would travel several kilometers to the nearest Internet cafe just to use Facebook," Sipehr says. It was Facebook that prompted me to open this business." The 21-year-old journalism student now runs one of the busiest Internet cafes in downtown Kabul.

Sipehr frequently helps visitors open Facebook accounts for the first time, and before long they are regular customers. An informal survey of profiles suggests that many Afghan Facebook users are urbanites in their late teens and 20s.

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Interests include Bollywood movies, Afghan music, and sport -- mostly soccer and cricket -- among other things.

Most were young men interested in chatting and sharing photos, while others appeared interested in a real-life relationship.They also tend to post photos of celebrities -- Indian actresses are a favorite -- as their profile pictures.That doesn't prevent them from attracting many suitors, however.Now, Rahmani is seeking asylum in the United States.In the three years since she became a fighter pilot, Rahmani, who is now 25, has encountered death threats from insurgents and even government officials, according to her attorney.

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