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That some part of her, deep down inside, knew that Edward still cared about her.

whoa, wow, more than a week ago (can you guys really blame me? Is he really just doing it to pick up girls 90 years his junior?This impressive leap of logic brought to you by: teenagers.Bella whines that she’s grounded, which is why she hasn’t come to La Push to complain at him for not taking her calls.Edward and Jacob fight over who’s going to kill Victoria (who has disappeared, by the way. Edward is really very chivalrous, and I’m sorry for thinking he’s a controlling dirtbag with the personality of a can of Pringles.She was the “villain” of this “book” and wasn’t in a single freaking scene), and Charlie roars and shouts for Bella. Jacob finally leaves, and Edward and Bella go to Charlie. While they’re piggy-backing it, Bella explains to Edward that she has no problem trusting him–trusting that he won’t leave again–but she doesn’t trust to not drive him away, because she is oh so tragic and boring at the same time. She then tells him that she doesn’t fear the Volturi as much as him, because all the silly Volturi can do is kill her.

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