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On the shelves there are many boxes of painkillers.On the top shelf, you see the aspirin and below there are some other cheaper brands you have never heard about or used. Most probably, many people would prefer to buy aspirin.Apparently time heals a lot of wounds but when you do what he did, it takes a long time and forgiveness from the two women involved.Back at the height of his fame which was not that long ago, he met up with this very underage teen who had just hit it big and was partying up a storm. They had a consensual relationship, although any relationship with this actor was always fraught with verbal and physical abuse. She too got pregnant and wanted her to have an abortion. He would beat her on a daily basis to get her to change her mind. So, he beat her some more until finally one day she lost the baby.Have you ever thought why wheat farmers don’t advertise their products on TV as the mobile phone network operators such as Vodafone and Orange or car dealers do?The fact is that because advertising is useful only in industries in which companies have at least some market power (as it is in monopoly, oligopoly and monopolistic competititon in economic terms).

So this gives Mc Donald’s an incentive to provide consistent quality while providing travellers for some assurance that the quality control are in place.Furthermore, sometimes brand names offer some assurance that the seller has a deep interaction with its customers and a reputation to protect.If a traveller eats a bad meal at a restaurant in a tourist trap and vows never to eat there again, most probably the restaurant owner may not care, because it is a small chance that the traveller will be in the same place again in the near future.As a matter of fact, companies often defend their brand names, suing anyone else who uses them without permission.You may talk about googling a subject for your learning, but unless the service in question comes from Google, you should describe it as searching on the internet.

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