Best cam 2 cam hook up

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here's a link of a dashcam video from this afternoon - https:// demo. Once you have identified the wires that you need to connect to, strip a half inch of the solid copper and flatten it with a hammer and hard surface (garage floor). If you pull the camera back too far, the wide angle lens will just start to pick up the A-pillars blocking the view. I've yet to write up those instructions - too busy on another project :( I can say, it's not the easiest area to get to, but not crazy either.Then push the flattened end into the back of hte wiring harness in the appropriate slot. Completey reversible, and only takes seconds to install. I would have loved to do it myself but I didn't want to mess my car up. By stealth I meant I was able to hide the wiring fairly well. I followed the instruction from Tesla Tap's to install Spytec A119 and it works great (Thanks Tesla Tap! If you break something while installing any item, such as a dashcam or moose whistles, then that broke item would not be covered under warranty.

We bought our dash cam primarily for recording such an event if it happens to our car so that was most important to us ultimately.If you wire the cam to an always-on 12V source, after a few hours on the tow truck and at the repair yard, all your accident videl is overwritten.We bought a Blackvue 650S-2ch in April and have been happy with it.Both the Blackvue 650S-2ch and Thinkware F770-2ch cameras have nice features, some not found on both, so it really does come down to what you feel is most important to you.We also liked the slimmer form factor of the Blackvue when mounted on the window. I contacted Wheel Witness customer support and they confirmed that the firmware has been changed to operate the way mine does. Here is my review on Amazon: According to the maker, this camera has had a firmware upgrade and operates it differently from the published manual.

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