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I was a Senior at college, and not quite out yet at the time.

Because I had to work, I usually didn’t go home during school breaks, and would hang out with a bunch of friends who also stuck around when the college was otherwise closed.

Professor encouraged me to kiss Third while he watched, and then I would kiss Professor.

Things escalated from there, at first each taking turns, and then eventually it turned into more of a group activity. I was always the center of attention and there was never any deliberate physical contact between the guys.

After all, messing around with a student could seriously backfire on him.

But eventually I won him over with promises of discretion, and we went back to his place for the night. We only hooked up that one time, and kept things casual when we crossed paths for the remainder of the semester.

(The sex was unprotected, though I was on the pill.) He was leaving back to California the next day, and I didn’t hear from him again until he drunkenly called me a year later wanting phone sex. After the class ended, we ran into each other at a networking event. We exchanged phone numbers under the guise of networking.

The next day, he texted that he was embarrassed he may have said some things he shouldn’t have.

He was a visiting prof from California and was the kind of guy who played guitar in class, while his wife had remained in Cali.After I figured out about the wife, Third texted me hoping for round two.We met and hooked up sans Prof, and then ended up dating for 6 months or so. Early 80’s, Midwestern state school, I had a flaming affair with one of my literature professors.One night during spring break I was supposed to catch up with these friends to go bar-hopping, but I got out of work late and missed them at the first stop on our rounds, a bar not far from campus.While my friends weren’t there, I did spot one of my professors; while I didn’t have him for a class that particular semester, he was in my major’s field and we saw other often (it was a somewhat small college).

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