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However, indigenous rights have not traditionally been a government priority.Citizens’ political choices are generally free from domination by unelected elites, foreign powers, and other such forces, though the Roman Catholic Church can be influential on some issues. Functioning of Government: 10 / 12 Costa Rica’s freely elected government and lawmakers set and implement state policy without interference.

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The protected wildlife refuge on Isla Chora, just a few hundred meters from shore, is accessible by ocean kayak.In legislative elections held in February 2014, the National Liberation Party (PLN) won 18 seats, followed by the Citizens’ Action Party (PAC) with 13, the Broad Front (FA) with 9, and the Social Christian Unity Party (PUSC) with 8; five smaller parties won the remaining 9 seats.International observers highlighted Costa Rica’s commitment to democracy in the elections.Reforms to the electoral law ahead of the 2010 elections included revised regulations on political party and campaign financing.In the 2014 elections, Costa Ricans residing abroad were allowed to vote for the first time, and a new quota requiring that 50 percent of the candidates on party lists be women went into effect.

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