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She deserves as good a chance as anyone you'll ever meet to try and have a relationship with you.

I didn't even know I had the virus because I don't have the strain that causes warts.

The dating war is not one that I plan on bowing out of entirely, but if I've learned anything from 2 years as a single woman, it's that a reliance on technology - whether it be on a swipe-happy app or using the internet to paint a picture of someone I barely know - is dangerous. And from here on out, I'll choose to fall in love free of swiping, making blanket assumptions about a dating profile, and jumping to conclusions based on snippets of information found online.

Information is helpful to a point, but at the end of the day, it doesn't offer the entire picture.

We think that the convenience and abundance of information should result in an easier path to finding Prince Charming or Cinderella, but as we know all too well, it's quite the opposite. All of that fun down-the-road stuff comes from truly knowing someone deep down after spending a lengthy period of time witnessing one another within various environments and moods.

Which brings me back to the middle finger incident several months ago. There's not a fast-forward button to get to a person's core, but damn if technology hasn't given us that false sense of hope that we can skip some of the time consuming process and jump ahead.

And that's the thing: we really aren't in a better place today than our parents were 30 years ago.

I learned I had it when my pap smears started coming back abnormal. She has the strain that causes the abnormal papsmears. I give her credit for being some honest about it with me. It's tough to imagine not being intimate how how I would go about being "safe" about it.

My husband (who was my fiance at the time I found out) just took it with a grain of salt. I don't there is a way to avoid getting it other than abstinence.

I don't know if I should persue the relationship or not.

There's no guarantee that she is, so I would hate to get the virus and then have to tell every woman I date that I have HPV. Just because you are dating doesn't mean you have to be intimate with each other, especially if you are concerned about transmission of HPV.

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