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Emily Blunt is a celeb who doesn't often have to deal with that particular brand of awkwardness, mostly because she's now married to John Krasinski and has a one-year-old daughter, so it's a bit weird to still be banging on about her ex.But also because loads of people aren't even aware of her past relationship with Michael Bublé. And then rumours started flying about that Michael Bublé had cheated on Emily, and that Emily had found out after photos of him shirtless in bed with another woman circulated online. I never want to talk about it." Which, TBH, is a pretty admirable reaction.Lopilato remembers Michael commenting on her male actor friend’s muscles.She tells The Daily Mail, “I didn’t speak English, but my male friend did and Michael was talking to him and saying things to him like, ‘Oh my God, look at your muscles.’ I just thought he was gay; I rang my mum and said, ‘I am at a party with Michael Bublé, and he’s gay!In an interview over the weekend with Mirror, Buble was asked if he and Lopilato have any intentions of expanding their family. Lopilato has an impressive modeling resume, and was the face of the Promesse brand from 2006 to 2010. Over the course of her career, Lopilato has modeled for brands like 47 Street, Sugus Combinados, John Foos, Promesse, Bubbaloo, Pent Ten, Coca Cola, Rebelde Way underwears, Ahora o Nunca, Kukuloco, Axe, Motor Oil Underwears for Juniors, Muy Keff, Mc Donald’s, Gottex and Gillette.After several coffees, exchanging stories about childhood, kissing in the darkness, someone is going to start thinking about "us". Even as I write this now, my vital organs appear to be shutting down in protest. How do you know that this top-tier crush won't be sitting next to you on a plane next month? Maybe you're his type too and you just don't know it yet? Now, what if all this falls into place and you have a boyfriend. However, if I would still be all over Buble like a kid on Christmas Day, I change my away message to "finally joined the commune" and throw my phone into Lake Michigan...let's face it, I suck at break ups. You know what must really suck about being a celebrity?Being asked about all your exes, why you broke up, and how you feel about them. Kind of puts a spanner in the works if your plan is crying, eating platefuls of nachos, and casually pretending they never existed.

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“When you hear the record, you get a sense of that intimacy.” And just who is the mother of Buble’s kids, and his partner in crime since 2009?Her name is Luisana Lopilato, and she’s an Argentinian actress and model.I wanted to go to his show because I liked his songs, but I didn’t know what he looked like. Later, his people asked me – remember I am a famous actress in my country – if I would like to have my picture taken with him and I said, ‘No thank you.’ The singer himself then came up and asked if they wanted to come to the after party.Every time you enter into an exclusive relationship, every time you call someone your boyfriend..could be the last person you kiss... But, you never know what your life is going to bring you. " If I have come to the realization that what I have with this guy is special, that most celebrities (and really just guys in general) are very disappointing and that I wouldn't want to risk losing that connection for seven minutes in heaven with my fantasy man, then I take the vital step into Girlfriend Land and pray that I am never within five miles of that Canadian crooner.

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