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I will be the main applicant and being well qualified already, please note that I do not wish to study any more, neither does my husband wish to.

There are more than 200 different nationalities making it one of the most multicultural cities in the world.The data we have on internet are useful but we need more practical information, from people who have gone through the same situation mostly. We chose RC again after the great experience we had on Voyager of the Seas 2 years ago.It starts at Torquay and winds for about four or five hour’s worth of driving and takes you all the way to Warrnambool. Melbourne is known as a city that can have four seasons in one day. Wild winds and thunderstorms can descend out of clear blue skies and winters can be quite cold and very dull, with probably the fewest hours of sunshine found anywhere in Australia. The intense heat often stops trains from running on their tracks and some areas have a high risk of bushfires.I loved Melbourne when I was there, the city has a really good feel about it.

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