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The vast majority of CCTV cameras are owned and monitored by private security companies, or by private householders and businesses, so we have no idea how many are in operation in Australia. Three jurisdictions – the ACT, Queensland and Tasmania – still only mention listening devices, not cameras.

We do know that there are more active mobile phone accounts (most of which have a recording capability) than there are people. Some parliaments have not addressed or even contemplated the new technologies, such as drones that allow filming to occur from the sky – let alone the social media platforms that carry the footage.

It is currently legal in every state to make a video-only recording of anything happening at your home, at any time, without informing anyone.

The fact that the camera is hidden has no effect on this concept.

"Nanny cam" is a colloquial term used to describe small hidden cameras that people install in their homes for the purposes of monitoring a babysitter and making sure their child is not being abused.

A nanny cam is often disguised as another object, such as a teddy bear.

It is so ubiquitous that people now appear frustrated when there is no footage of events that have captured public attention.You Tube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media brands now provide welcome platforms for the immediate worldwide distribution of recordings and images. How much of this material can then be broadcast or used as evidence in the courts? The laws regulating filming and distributing are many and varied. Having said that, there are some questions we can answer.These advances bring with them opportunities for people to manage and respond effectively to crises and crime risks, and expose injustices. Can people be filmed using visible CCTV and phone cameras without their permission?However, this is obviously a very modern issue, so just because there are no current rulings regading it does not mean there won't ever be.If you think you have been filmed illicitly, or that a video portrayed you inaccurately and you were charged with a crime (because these hidden cameras usually only transmit 5 frames per second, they can often make movements seem more violent then they are), you should contact a good criminal defense attorney who can help you protect yourself from false claims as well as discuss the possible liability of your employer.

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