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For example, every time someone had a bad day or a breakup, most of the rest of the group would rally around her.But just because the friendships were real, it doesn't mean they were al- ways healthy—our social lives consisted of hours at the gym, followed by tanning sessions or manicures.

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The choreographer patted my butt and said "Good girl! No one would eat or drink that day for fear of gaining weight.But when the scale still showed 127 pounds on game day, I was pulled from the performance, even though my family had driven eight hours from my hometown to see me cheer.Adding insult to injury, the next day at practice, the choreographer—with whom I had a contentious relationship, probably because I wasn't a "real" dancer—offered me the cookie from her lunch, knowing very well I couldn't eat it.After two weeks of performing in a bikini, being interviewed at length, undergoing a public-speaking evaluation, and taking a football- knowledge exam, a battery of drug tests, and a physical, I made the cut.Looking the Part I quickly found out that the hardest part of professional cheerleading isn't learning the eight counts, high kicks, or whatever cheesy dance move we were being taught. Our contracts actually said, "Your appearance must be impeccable at all times." We were required to have nails manicured with light or clear polish.

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