Child discipline while dating fluoridating

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Some parents get creative with techniques, such as sending their children to the bathroom every time they use “potty” words, but an older child may respond better to lost privileges, such as a quarter subtracted from allowance for each offense. She will be more likely to want to use more constructive words if you praise her when she uses them.For example, you may say, “I love that you used your big vocabulary to express your anger rather than choosing to cuss.” Practice what you preach.The majority of us can agree to disagree on most things.After all, difference is what makes the world go round, right? Singer Kelly Clarkson recently revealed that she is “not above spanking” when it comes to disciplining her 3-year-old daughter River Rose and 1-year-old son Remy. — Spanking children remains a hot topic amongst parents, including those in the entertainment industry.

In fact, if you ignore the language, your young child may realize that it isn’t an effective attention-grabbing tool, and he may stop using it altogether. As soon as your child begins to show that she knows the difference between neutral and “bad” words, discuss with her what language will not be tolerated.

Your child may have heard bad language coming from his own home.

Don’t expect your children to use good words if you and your partner have trouble holding back your own profanities.

A habit which proved a struggle to break.“I said not to do it, but he said he couldn't refuse our son.

Of course though when he tried saying no, my son couldn't understand what had changed!

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