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305 AD/CE) state that the Roman Mithraists themselves believed their religion had been founded by the Persian savior Zoroaster.In discussing what may have been recounted by ancient writers asserted to have written many volumes about Mithraism, such as Eubulus of Palestine and "a certain Pallas," Gordon (, v.Mithra also seems to have been looked upon as a sort of Prometheus, for the gift of fire.(Schironi, 104) His worship purified and freed the devotee from sin and disease.Franz Cumont in the 20th century has been largely rejected by many scholars.

By around 1500 , Mitra worship had made it to the Near East, in the Indian kingdom of the Mitanni, who at that time occupied Assyria.

Syrian merchants brought Mithraism to the major cities, such as Alexandria, Rome and Carthage, while captives carried it to the countryside.

By the third century AD/CE Mithraism and its mysteries permeated the Roman Empire and extended from India to Scotland, with abundant monuments in numerous countries amounting to over 420 Mithraic sites so far discovered.

The Indian Mitra was essentially a solar deity, representing the "friendly" aspect of the sun.

So too was the Persian derivative Mithra, who was a "benevolent god" and the bestower of health, wealth and food.

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