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A disease like Alzheimer’s is certainly a challenge for the sufferer, but as much, if not more, for the family and friends who watch a once-vibrant and intelligent person gradually become a ghost of her former self. Alec just portrays it in such a beautiful way that it is so compassionate and with so much love that your heart breaks.In the film, Alice’s husband, John, portrayed by Alec Baldwin, is at first extremely supportive of her, telling her he is there with her through thick and thin. You realize that this guy can’t handle it.”Miss Moore is thankful that the film is raising public awareness for Alzheimer’s and is quick to point out that a diagnosis of degenerative disease doesn’t mean that life ends.“Really talking about what it feels like and what the concept of decline feels like, and I think it was a really unique exploration of that.”Miss Moore sought to educate herself on the subject of early-onset Alzheimer’s by watching HBO documentaries on the subject, speaking to specialists and attending support groups for women even younger than herself who are afflicted.“One of the things that I said to [directors] Richard [Glatzer] and Wash [Westmoreland] is that I didn’t want to represent anything on camera that I hadn’t actually seen and I hadn’t observed,” Miss Moore said.“They now call it ‘younger onset,’” she said of those whose illnesses are diagnosed well before age 65.“One of [these women] was diagnosed at 45,” she said.Many sufferers are in their 40s; most of those are women.Lisa Genova’s book “Still Alice” is now a major motion picture starring Julianne Moore in her Golden Globe-winning role as a New York linguistics professor who, at the improbable age of 50, is handed the diagnosis.“One of the reasons we made this character 50 years old is that early onset is about 15 percent of the Alzheimer’s population; it’s not the majority,” Miss Moore said in an interview with The Washington Times. Genova] set it that way deliberately, because so often the symptoms of Alzheimer’s are misconstrued as symptoms of aging, when in fact dementia is not in fact a normal part of aging; dementia is a disease.”In the film, which opens Friday in the District of Columbia, Alice begins forgetting little things like dates and words, at first attributing the memory problems to menopause.Her family is as shocked by the diagnosis as she is.Miss Moore emphasizes that the subjective nature of the book shows a person experiencing a disease that is often shown in film and literature from the point of view of a caregiver.“I think we’ve seen this story from the point of view of a family member, a caregiver, but we’ve never seen it from the inside out,” she said.

She’s got red hair, and we look very similar.”Miss Moore emphasized that many who are on the front lines of the fight against Alzheimer’s have personal stakes in the matter.On Monday, he tweeted, “About to walk in the studio to sing on the first song for my second record!!!! In this image released by NBC, Julianne Moore accepts the award for best actress in a drama film for her role in “Still Alice” at the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, Jan. more If you don’t know someone with Alzheimer’s disease, the odds are that you almost certainly will.I feel like ‘Still Alice’ is really about life and mortality.I think that the movie is a celebration of who we are and what we value and who we love, and it’s made in not the spirit of diminishment but in how to live your life and be as present as you can possibly be.”Ever one for projects with a conscience, Miss Moore will be seen next in “Freeheld,” which chronicles the real-life tale of a New Jersey police officer with a lung cancer diagnosis who fought to leave her pension and benefits to her domestic partner, Stacy.

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