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“I never would have thought,” Sarah says now, “something like this would happen to me.” Once a hidden problem, teen dating violence is getting some serious attention.A 2005 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that of 6,888 high school girls surveyed nationally, 1 in 11 had been hit, slapped or punched by an intimate partner.“As a parent you don’t know what to do,” says Kate, a workspace designer.

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“This is a major adolescent health issue,” says Jay Silverman, associate professor of society, human development and health, who directed the Harvard study.

He told me he was going to beat the s— out of me.” Terrified and sobbing, Sarah escaped into a classroom and sought help from a teacher.

Joe got a two-day suspension from school, the school confirms, for drinking.

, Seminole County Public Schools will have the opportunity to take part in the development of a new method to showcase what makes each of our schools unique.

SCPS has partnered with Datanautix, a local data analytics firm, to create a new, more transparent school report card that will feature a snapshot of parent, student and school staff perceptions as well as other critical data points.

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