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Naturally such a modern environment for an age old copyright disagreement fed the game’s popularity as did the time when Scrabble junkies were starved of their fix.

Once both applications were up and running the game was on.

Type in ‘do you or your loved ones play too much Scrabble’ and the comments come flooding in.

One man simply admits “my girlfiend has twenty four games on the go,” it’s insane.” Another un-named enthusiast admits he plays to try and flirt with the other players in the chat box.

Welcome to 21st Century Scrabble, sit down and feel free to while away your life.

With over half a million users, Scrabble is one of facebook’s top 25 applications.

We play each other at any time of day or night because we are situated all over the world and timezones are helpful like that.

We decide how long we will allow for each move to take, how many people can play, and what standard we play at.

I consider telling her I am looking at pornography.

Then she hears the computerised fanfare that rings out of the laptop when you use all seven letters in Facebook Scrabble.

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