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Throughput is another commonly overlooked area when architecting a high performance virtual environment.

If you’re using Fibre Channel for storage connectivity, and specifically 4GB, than it’s not as much of an issue.

The most basic methods of availability can be achieved with SQL server log shipping and/or database mirroring, but while effective for smaller configurations they still lack the complete farm protection. When choosing storage based replication, the first thing to consider is leveraging consistency grouping all Share Point volumes.

the only components that can be continuously protected with db mirroring/log shipping are SQL databases, and not all of them! This is of a great value as it can guarantee an end-to-end (I like that term 🙂 ) consistency at any point in time.

Virtualization has been fully supported by Microsoft since the launch of SVVP (Server Virtualization Validation Program) in 2008.

Share Point is a perfect candidate for horizontal scaling.

Storage Considerations The main, cardinal rule with virtualizing SQL, or any I/O resource intensive workload for that matter, is to treat it exactly the same as if it were physical from a disk perspective.while definitely true, I would argue the suggested IOPS requirements apply to most environments. Tech Net recommendations: We work with Metalogix Storage Point for BLOB externalization.currently all EMC storage solutions are supported with Storage Point as it has connectors to file, block and object storage.I’ve also added a lot of links and references for you to find the technical material necessary to accomplish plan and deployment activities.Please feel free to comment as I would love to get your feedback as for what works/doesn’t work in your environment.

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