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The pastor of the fiance will officiate at their wedding in a garden ceremony.

I am encouraging them to have their marriage blessed subsequently by a Catholic priest, and they both seem willing.

The complying relative’s descendants are now enjoying financial comfort, while the other’s family has suffered a huge reversal of fortune.

Is the saying I quoted first of any relevance here? Certain passages in Scripture — taken in isolation — would seem to lend credence to the adage you quote.

My daughter is scheduled to be married four months from now, and her fiance is a born-again Christian.

He was baptized a Catholic in his country of origin, but when his family immigrated to the United States, they began to attend a Christian charismatic community.

"Marriage convalidation" means to have your marriage "recognized" (or blessed) by the Catholic Church.

Canon Law # 1160 A marriage which is null because of defect of form must be contracted anew in canonical form in order to become valid, without prejudice to the prescript of ? It needs to demonstrate that it entered into the non-canonical marriage without malice or deception.

Both individuals must show that they are penitent of their misunderstanding and misdeed and that they desire the bond that by its very nature is perpetual and exclusive and through which they are strengthened and, as it were, consecrated for the duties and dignity of their state by a special sacrament (Canon # 1134).

"I haven't had Communion since I was 15," said Melissa Ortiz, 29, who had been together with her husband, Antonio, since they were in high school.

The couple, who now has five children, was married civilly for 11 years.

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