Dating a guy who brags about his conquests

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Opinium, which sounds like a weird drug, reports 20% of women vs. You Gov poll in Germany finds 43% of women and 12% of men.The overall rates vary widely depending on how the pollsters frame the question, but the ratio is pretty consistent. The best I can find is this Australian study finding that 21% of harassers are women. I’m less confident on this one, but 20% seems like a conservative guess.Newsweek worries about how Women Are Attacked By Men In Almost Every Workplace.The Independent thinks the story is how powerful men seemingly never face the consequences of their actions toward women.Having silenced or ignored all men who might be sexually harassed, the media proceeded to treat sexual harassment in the most gendered way humanly possible, constantly reinforcing that only men can do it and only women can suffer it.The Guardian, being commendably honest about its priorities: We Must Challenge All Men About Sexual Harassment.

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dating a guy who brags about his conquests-64

Their excuse was the usual – it’s not “structural oppression”, so it doesn’t count.

If you prefer anecdotes to data, you can sift through this Reddit thread with 2474 comments.

For example: I’m a junior ncm in the Canadian forces.

About 30% of the victims of sexual harassment are men.

About 20% of the perpetrators of sexual harassment are women. In a Quinnipiac poll, 60% of women and 20% of men said they’d been sexually harassed.

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