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Brette's Answer: Talking to an attorney is fine if you want to understand what your legal options are, but if you really want to save the marriage, it's not going to help. We started counseling, but he won't drop the divorce petition. Brette's Answer: Get an attorney and talk to him or her.

Social – did the unmarried couple portray themselves as a couple to the outside world; 5.

A common law relationship is when two people live together in a marriage-like relationship.

The two people can be of the same sex or of the opposite sex. It depends on whether the issue is federal or provincial, and in what province you live.

For Ontario family law purposes, you must cohabit 3 years, or have a child and a relationship of some permanence.

In British Columbia family law, you must cohabit 2 years in a marriage-like relationship.

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