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The solid line represents a neutron to proton ratio of 1:1.

Neutron-poor nuclides decay by modes that convert a proton into a neutron.

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It’s the DEPLORABLES who are the smart ones, Trump argues, because (we quickly figure out) they rejected the Emmys and the elites that put the show on. Trump retorted that he "should've gotten" an Emmy for "The Apprentice." (The Washington Post) Anyway.

He’s been frustrated with the awards show since “The Apprentice” was passed over for an award more than a decade ago. (Note my intentional use of baseball for that analogy, in keeping with the “I am an old man” framework of this paragraph.) Recode made a graphic showing the winners of the major categories in the past eight years. That was probably the peak of the Twitter second-screen phenomenon, in which people would watch the show and then go on Twitter to complain about it.

Trump was very sensitive about how well “The Apprentice” did in the ratings, to the extent that he had faked Time magazine covers praising the show installed in many of his various properties. It’s about The Elites™, in particular the Hollywood Elites™ who try to interfere with his elections and who were desperate to come to his inauguration but he wouldn’t let them. Only 22 of the 64 winners are from the networks, and 14 of those are for “Modern Family” or “The Big Bang Theory,” the latter of which is categorically the worst television show in history. If you disagree with this theory, the proper place to object is on Twitter itself; I’m at @pbump.

When really the issue is: How many people actually saw “The Handmaid’s Tale”?

Wendi Deng Murdoch grew up in a small town in China as the daughter of two engineers who hoped she’d become a doctor.

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    Goya personally experienced the fading splendors and ensuing crisis in Spain between the end of the 1700s and the beginning of the 1800s.

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    For more information, please see Setting up sites and replication and Specifying which data to replicate.

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    A song that was thought to have referenced the Civil War was Paper Lace's 1974 hit "Billy Don't Be a Hero." Hard-rock acts recorded vehicular death scenarios such as "D. A." (Bloodrock, 1971), "Detroit Rock City" (Kiss, 1976) and "Bat Out of Hell" (Meat Loaf, 1977). Some songs merely updated the sound of the previous era, such as "Racing Car" by Dutch group Air Bubble (1976), while others used the melodic and stylistic tropes of teen tragedy in tougher, grittier settings, as in the Ramones' "You're Gonna Kill That Girl" (1977) and "7-11" (1981), The Misfits' "Saturday Night" (1999), and Eminem's "Stan" (2000).

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    No photos, names or info are shared with the parties before the date (blind, remember? What it specializes in is showing you people you've physically "crossed paths with" on a daily basis -- people who frequent the same bars and restaurants as you, work out at the same gym or have similar commute.

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    In "Fight Fighters," Wendy is at the arcade with Dipper, playing Fight Fighters. Wendy tells Robbie that she will be going camping with her family, but Robbie isn't listening and is too busy playing the game.