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She worked as a lift operator at the fancy St Regis in Cleveland, a whites-only hotel where she fell in love with James Arnold, a bellboy, who abandoned her soon after the birth of their daughter.

Jeanette, born at the start of the Great Depression in 1929, married Joseph's father, Joseph Snr, when she was in her early 20s.

He later worked as an antiques dealer running a store called 'Twas New and worked Sundays at a stall at a flea market.'We were raised together.

There was an age difference with Doria, she was the youngest, but, like Meghan, she's whip-smart and always wanted more out of life,' says Joseph.

He was a divorcee with two children but the couple fell in love and married within six months of meeting in 1979.'None of the family knew anything about Tom until we got the wedding invitations,' says Joseph.'The fact that he was white didn't matter.

We would have accepted pink, black, brown or red as long as Doria loved him.

'I saw her look at that baby and it was total love and devotion.

That same love and devotion exists to this day.' Doria never remarried or had any other children after splitting from Tom. When I moved to Fresno and Meghan became a teenager we spent less time together.

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Doria's father Alvin divorced Jeanette shortly after they arrived in LA.

He is pictured with his wife of 37 years Pamela Joseph, a softly spoken retired sign painter, met me at a modest hotel near the bungalow he shares with his wife of 37 years Pamela, a social worker. He calls himself 'a simple man' and says he feels 'awkward' his family has been thrust into the limelight: 'We're just regular folks.'They live in Fresno, California, a four-hour drive but a world away from the bright lights of Hollywood where Meghan was raised in middle class comfort in the suburb of Woodland Hills in a home Tom, an Emmy-award winning lighting director, bought shortly before Meghan was born in 1981.

After Tom and Doria divorced when Meghan was six, they remained amicable but it was a 'backbone' of strong matriarchs which, Joseph says, turned Meghan into the woman she is today.'Culturally our family did not have male figures around,' Joseph says.

Presiding over the nuptials was 'Brother Bhaktananda' in glowing orange robes.

Born Michael Krull in Pennsylvania, he was ordained a Buddhist priest and took the Sanskrit name Bhaktananda, meaning 'bliss through devotion.' The Self-Realisation Fellowship, founded by Indian yogi Paramahansa Yogananda, preaches 'spirituality and self-knowledge through meditation and Kriya yoga'.

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