Dating sight for country dewlers

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The G3 seemed to flop in the market, perhaps due to its price.

Based upon my own experience, a used 11-87 or a new Beretta 3901 Statesman would be a better value.

In the 1990's, my wife's 1100TA, bought used in 1988, went around 30,000 rounds, I changed the O ring as a precaution.

One of our club members bought an 1100 Sporting about two years ago, he shoots 100 shells/week and doesn't miss many weekends at the club, he hasn't replaced the O ring, either.

The first gun in its class that actually worked didn't draw excessive criticism, for obvious reasons.

Since then, guns have come out with better ergonomics, controls, triggers, and gas systems.

Remington pulled the plug on the 1100 G3 after a couple of years, because I guess it wasn't a big seller. I would be interested in opinions and experience that people have had with this gun. The 1100G3 was essentially a re-packaging of the 3" magnum 11-87.the Beretta trigger, just like the old Model 12, vs.the AWFUL thing that Remington still puts on its guns).I've owned about a dozen different Remingtons (some new, some used) and continue to be pleased with each gun. That was my thinking as well - basically an 1100 with an 11-87 receiver and a lengthened forcing cone.The o-rings on the 1100 were always problematic and I wonder if they ever fixed that issue on the G3.

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