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If you find yourself using the behaviours identified above - stop - take a break and try and re-engage more positively.

A good way to develop your empathy skills is by practice.

Consider how close you and your partner are in physical terms. Think about what brought you together in the first place and see if there is an opportunity to become more tactile.

Also, plan events together; get a babysitter (if required) and have a regular date night; take a walk and talk.

Too often we get so caught up in arguing about an issue, that we forget how this problem or behaviour may be making our partner feel.

Disagreements often get stuck when we become caught up in the specific details of an argument (e.g.

Over the past century, the nature and purpose of marriage and relationships has changed significantly.

Where finding and staying with a partner was previously focused on safety, security and having children, adults today increasingly want more from their relationships.

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One of the most common difficulties is relationships is communication, and not always what you are communicating to your partner but how.As well as strengthening the connection between two people, higher levels of oxytocin have been shown to increase empathy and generosity – important qualities in a healthy relationship.When a relationship begins to breakdown, these are the things that often decrease.It is produced by a mother when she breastfeeds and by both men and women when they orgasm.In smaller amounts, it is also produced when couples touch one another, cuddle, laugh together or look into one another’s eyes.

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