Dating swedish men culture

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Instead, my Swedish companion “allowed” me to pay for half the meal.

When the bill came, I offered to help pay as I always do; a well-rehearsed token gesture of kindness, which I expected to be duly rebuffed.

If you’re in Sweden for Valentine’s Day and about to go on your first date with a Swede, here are some insights on what you could/should expect.

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So dating the Swedes might not always be as easy as you think.

Not exactly the culprit I was expecting, but then again, growing up in a capitalist system across the Atlantic, I had always been told that socialism is the root of all evil.

And now…it’s also the reason I’m still single in Sweden. Have you had any experience with cultural differences in the dating arena? For a copy of my FREE report, “The Top Three Mistakes Midlife Daters Make (and how to turn them around to find love now)” click here.

After some time, the dating might get to the next level with more lavish activities.

Swedes tend to live by the law of Jante (Jantelagen), which means that you should not brag or think that you’re better than someone else.

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