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Marcion's proposal was shocking to many in his day; his theological rationale was heterodox-heretical. It forced the church to make a case for the value and status of the Jewish scriptures it had adopted as its own, and it prompted the church to determine which of its own writings ought to be regarded as canonical — as normative and why.

The disregard of the Hebrew scriptures had been confirmed by events.

The Roman suppression of the Bar Kochba rebellion of 132–135 C.

E., the last attempt in antiquity of Jews to win their liberty, may have contributed to Marcion's position.

It indicates that the Christians in Rome owned a copy of it, and that the church in Corinth still had a copy in its possession, half a century after Paul wrote it. Also in the early second century, Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, wrote letters to seven churches while he was en route to Rome, where he was martyred.

The author of 2 Peter also knows about a collection of Paul's letters (–16) and assumes that his readers do as well. In his letters he uses language that clearly shows his familiarity with the letters of Paul. Such evidence is clear: by the turn of the first century a number of churches had already acquired copies of Paul's letters for their use.

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