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Acts of sexual digital abuse are the second and third most-reported complaints.

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Digitally Speaking SEE ALSO: Dating Violence in Teen Years Can Have Lasting Impact Teenagers today use technology more frequently than previous generations.Perhaps not surprisingly, schools are relatively free from digital harassment, but remain the centers for physical and psychological abuse.Most digital harassment happens before or after school.“When used in a negative way versus a positive way, it can be relentless and really a source of control over that partner and be very invasive in his or her life.” Digital Reduction SEE ALSO: How to Help Your Teen Make the Right Choices About Dating Pulling the plug on technology might seem like a simplistic solution to teen digital dating abuse, but that would not solve the underlying issue.Both Baldwin and Zweig say having parents involved and aware of the how technology can be a tool in an abuser’s hands is key to helping teens avoid and report digital dating abuse.

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