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Eventually she realised the only way she was going to get any real pressure was by hand and so she took his right hand from her breast and pushed it down between her legs. She readily did so, pushing her towel up around her waist in order to spread her legs and welcome his thick cock inside her again.

It took just seconds to resume where they had lefty off in the sauna.

She wanked his cock almost imperceptibly, sliding her hands gently back and forth, with a little rotation of her wrist, taking full advantage of the steamy lubrication.

There was nothing urgent about the motion, which made it all the more intense and teasing.

It was hard to get any real purchase, which made the fuck more teasing. After double checking there was still no one around he opened the door and the whole room began to fill with a wonderful moist fog.

Now it was her turn to slide herself around and he guided her by grabbing her tits as she steadied herself, hands on the bench either side. However, his eyes were immediately drawn to the glass door of a steam room in the corner.

"Eh, Dave, reckon your wife will do this for you, after you're married? "I bloody hope so." She spotted the groom now, bang opposite her and for the first time he didn't appear to be drunk, although he was looking rather bleary-eyed. I wish my wife was like yours." Another of the players joined in. It allowed her to gather her thoughts and take a few deep breaths.

At no stage had her husband released his grip or stopped slowly fucking her.

The men's eyes never left her and she received more verbal encouragement to just carry on and ignore them.

Not that she had much choice with her husband fucking away beneath her and since they'd already copped an eyeful upon arrival it somehow seemed to matter less now. Drunk only on heat and adrenalin, she slowly began to carry on where she'd left off and immediately she began to build some tension.

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