Esri rest services not updating

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When constructing a Dynamic Layer on-the-fly using the Layer Data Source Type, you will be responsible for creating the Layer Definition from scratch; there is not a method like the Arc GISDynamic Map Service Layer.

Create Dynamic Layer Infos From Layer Infos Method to generate a pre-populated Observable Collection(Of Layer Definition) objects. ID (see the code example in the Arc GISDynamic Map Service Layer. NOTE: Because creating and using Dynamic Layers requires both Arc GIS Server v10.1 and higher and the development frameworks of Silverlight/WPF/Windows Phone v3.0 and higher; use the Arc GISDynamic Map Service Layer.

Developers can use the Arc GISDynamic Map Service Layer.

Create Dynamic Layer Infos From Layer Infos Method to populate the Dynamic Layer Info Collection to serve as a starting point for creating a Dynamic Layer or they can create individual Dynamic Layer Info objects from scratch and add them to the Dynamic Layer Info Collection. ID match in order for the Dynamic Layer to draw in the Map.

By default Arc GIS Server restricts 1000 features being returned per service request of a Dynamic Layer to improve performance.

To limit the number of features that are returned per request for a Dynamic Layer set a Layer Definition via the Arc GISDynamic Map Service Layer. A Layer Defintion acts as a where clause just like in a traditional RDBMS to restrict which geographic features are drawn in the Dynamic Layer.

Layer Map Source The Layer Map Source Class allows for the creation of Dynamic Layers based upon an existing Arc GISDynamic Map Service Layer sub-layer that was created in Arc Map and published in Arc GIS Server.

Important Note: After applying this patch WMTS services published in EPSG:4326 will not align correctly when consumed in Arc GIS Desktop and Arc GIS Engine.

This update is not related to the security issues addressed in the patch.

You should only re-apply the patch if you use Arc GIS Server Manager in non-English locales.

Dynamic Layers allow the execution of various Arc GIS Server requests from a client application.

The client side requests that can be issued to Arc GIS Server include the ability to: The key to creating a Dynamic Layer is to set the Dynamic Layer Info.

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