Famous black men dating white women

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When broadly applied, the Mann Act could be used to outlaw all premarital and extramarital sexual relationships that involved interstate travel, PBS reported. The couple lived abroad for several years, with the boxer spending nine days in jail related to his Mann Act conviction.Cameron filed for divorce from Johnson four years later because the known womanizer had been unfaithful to her.Kylie Jenner captured the attention of the world after she got lip injections, wider hips and started rocking cornrows in all her Instagram pictures.Her bigger lips, body shape and new hairstyle were all things borrowed from the black culture.If white women are allowed to look or behave a certain way, black women should be accepted for it, too.White women cannot be “chic” in the same braids that make a black woman “ghetto.” Instead of white women being praised for the same things that make black women “ratchet,” women should just be allowed to look and behave in whatever way they want.The things they supposedly can’t stand about women are somehow tolerable when it comes to white women.They are willing to overlook the things they claim to hate in a woman if the woman who possesses those traits is not black.

Despite the fact that plenty women of other races do these things as well, black women are the main target of persecution for these simple behaviors.

From the way they act all the way down to their looks and hairstyles, black men prefer white women who act like black women over black women themselves.

Especially in the past year, we’ve seen women strive to achieve looks or characteristics that have always been prominent in African-American culture.

Braided hairstyles, simply walking around with a straight face — these are just a few of the things that many black men constantly criticize black women, and only black women, for.

One noticeable trend about the commonly expressed preferences of black men specifically is that they display a huge double standard.

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