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Even before a couple is very serious, however, they may want to gingerly raise these issues at moments that make sense, like when making a pricy purchase such as airline tickets for a vacation.

Opening the door to the smaller conversations makes it easier to broach the really serious topics.

Money is the one topic that most people are skittish discussing -- even more so than discussing sex.

Once a couple is seriously thinking about marriage or living together, they absolutely should discuss whether they have major debt or a poor credit score.

The number of nightclubs in a city may not be of interest to a non-drinker.

The advantage of being single is that you've yet to form bonds of marriage/partnership/children that might limit your choice of residence.

But for those planning to form such bonds -- and statistically, that's still most Americans -- flexibility in residence is a good plan.

In states with low cost of living, for instance, your income might stretch a lot further, which means cheaper or more frequent dates.

If you’re more financially stable, though, you might appreciate a state with more attractions to find new experiences for both you and your potential other half.

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