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For example, it carried out suicide bombings that killed civilians while other insurgent groups used guerilla attacks that targeted the U. [20] JTJ also routinely conducted attacks on Shiite targets to incite sectarian conflict and complicate the occupation and government transition.

[21] [22] Both JTJ and Zarqawi were among the most prominent faces of the insurgency.

Many Iraqis, including Sunnis, took issue with AQI’s use of suicide bombings and other violent attacks like assassinations; its willingness to target Iraqis and popular Sunni leaders; its perceived foreign membership and leadership; and its intentional incitement of sectarian violence.

[28] [29] AQI’s increasingly violent attacks prompted Ayman al-Zawahiri, bin Laden’s second in command at the time, to send Zarqawi a letter urging him to foster better relations with Iraqi leaders.

[15] JTJ’s first operation was in Jordan, the murder of USAid officer Laurence Foley in 2002.

[16] The force had a strong foundation of foreign fighters, particularly from Jordan, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Kurdish regions.

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[25] [26] Despite the official pledge of allegiance to Osama bin Laden, Zarqawi and AQ leadership still disagreed on some key tactical issues, such as AQ’s willingness to cooperate with other opposition and its focus on the U. and the West rather than “near enemies.” These differences created tensions that lasted for the duration of the affiliate relationship.

[7] The two allegedly met after Zarqawi’s release, although conflicting reports claim that they had little contact.

[8] Bin Laden was reportedly suspicious of Zarqawi and disagreed about several targeting and tactical issues.

In 2013, it changed its name to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Over the course of 20, ISIS quickly took over territory in Syria and Iraq. This profile divides the Islamic State’s history into three periods and follows the group through several name changes.

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