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The delay in marriage also derives from an unstable job market, forcing students to accrue additional degrees and honors to stay competitive in the workforce as part of “credential inflation,” Armstrong said.

The years of additional schooling needed to rack up the necessary credentials to exude marketability extenuates the increasing average marriage age, she said.

According to data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's National Health Statistics Reports, the median marriage age based on aggregated data from 2006 to 2010 was 25.8 for women. Part of this spurs from the dissolution of a cultural dynamic associated with finding a husband in college, according to Jennifer Aubrey, an associate professor of communications at the University of Missouri and a former Ph. “We don’t think, ‘Oh, we’re in college to get a man! “That would’ve been the attitude maybe for our mothers, definitely for our grandmothers.

An arduous week of academia paves way to the sweet freedom of Friday night, and the streets swell with a cavalcade of stilettos propping up scantily clad girls with berry-colored lips and black-rimmed eyes.But you also have the freedom to go out on Friday night with your friends, and if you end up making out with some frat guy, you don’t have to break up over it.” As defined by Elizabeth Marquardt, the director of the Center for Marriage and Families at the Institute for American Values in New York City, and the late University of Texas sociologist Norval Glenn, a hookup is “anything ranging from ‘hooking up to having sex.’ ” An unbreakable criterion is that it must take place outside the context of commitment.Engineering senior Stephen Barnard met a girl at a party last summer for whom he quickly developed sexual feelings. But as their sexual escapades persisted, they felt compelled to take a stab at being in a relationship.This contract, the young woman stated, was developed out of concern that the partner might develop feelings for her.Determined via text message and instant messenger, the ground rules of the contract defined which sexual acts would be allowed and which forms of birth control were permitted.

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