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Heavier than anything they’ve ever done and broken into 4 distinct sections, it’s new ground for a band that’s been pushing the boundaries of “fuzz and wah” since its formation in 1990.

“We are excited to get out and play this stuff, especially “Il Mostro Atomico,” says founding guitarist, Scott Hill.

The album will find Joan Wasser at her rawest, most pensive and even her most free—she maintains her timeless melodies but couples them with experimental percussive elements, which she programs with the help of drummer Parker Kindred. I can comfortably say that music has saved my life and continues to save my life. It’s not something I can even choose or not choose it’s just what is.” …

Her fifth album ‘Damned Devotion’ Joan As Police Woman delves deeper into the emotional subjects she’s never been afraid to address in the first place.

In fact, she was shunned by many members of the gospel community while the critics paid her no greater compliment than she was “almost playing like a man.”Not much is known about Sister Rosetta’s childhood, but some researchers believe her father was a singer, as was her mother, Katie Harper, who was also a mandolin player.

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It’s a theme in American life right now, and other so-called democracies.”Transangelic Exodus was mostly recorded – as all Furman’s records have been since 2011 – at his bandmate (saxophonist/producer) Tim Sandusky’s Ballistico Studios in Chicago, and with the other Visions – Jorgen Jorgensen (bass, and on this album, cello), Ben Joseph (keyboards, guitar) and Sam Durkes (drums/percussion).Southern Californian hard-rock legends Fu Manchu are releasing their 12th studio album, ‘Clone of the Universe’, their first in 4 years, following the 2014 release of ‘Gigantoid’.The new album marks a new chapter for the “fuzz rock” pioneers as they mix the straight ahead blistering rock with the unexpected time shifts, featuring tracks like the roaring cuts “Don’t Panic” and “(I’ve Been) Hexed” and the dynamically complex “Clone of the Universe” and “Slower Than Light.” The centerpiece of the album is “IL Mostro Atomico,” an 18 minute, side long epic featuring a special guest performance by Alex Lifeson, guitarist and songwriter of the legendary band Rush. Described by Joan Wasser as "punk rock R&B" and "American soul music," Joan as Police Woman combines two of the biggest influences on her music: classic soul such as Al Green and Nina Simone and the rougher experimental sounds of Sonic Youth and Bad Brains. Billie’s Bounce ‘Damned Devotion’ is the brand new album from Joan As Police Woman, which sees a return to the darker, sensual sound of her celebrated early releases and finds Joan Wasser at her rawest yet.

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