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He could be shocked that Amy is so forward and her hope to move the relationship forward might backfire.Rory would never ask her to send a naked picture or a fantasy story and she knows that no stranger or internet friend should ever ask or initiate sexting with her.She might be right, but sending this in a message could damage their relationship and their lives.Amy wonders what the consequences of sexting with Rory might be.She knows Rory is a gentleman and would never deliberately share her story with his friends, but his friends are pranksters and they have been known to hack into his accounts and steal his phone.Her story might get out, even if he doesn't share it himself.Since sexting constitutes sexual behavior, this could be interpreted as a form of assault or harassment.

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These hormones create feelings for each other and often have the power to override common sense, making them want to do things they would not otherwise want to do.The recipent of the photo shared it with others, and the “sexting” incident eventually came to the attention of police.Although the boy was not arrested or prosecuted, the information was stored on police computers as it is an offence to distribute an indecent image of a child, even if the sender is the child in question.Sexting may also be considered the crimes of creating and sharing child pornography by sharing text or images of a sexual nature with a minor.These sex crimes have serious criminal consequences and often require jail or prison and lifetime registration as a sex offender.

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