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He decides to teach these two a lesson with old fashioned methods of training using his hand across their bare bottoms and doesn't stop until they are close to tears and far more contrite!

The girls were sent to bed early but they had sneaked downstairs to watch the big TV in the house only they are caught by a rather annoyed Michael who decides to spank then together right there on the sofa cheek to cheek.

Miss Simpson took me over her knee and gave me a hard hand spanking which I duly deserved.Since Miss Simpson does not take lightly to stealing she decides a stiff thrashing would be in order.She bends each girl over for a hard hand spanking and then continues the punishment with a Slipper to the bottom.If you are into shemales, this is the place for even the most kinkiest individuals.Hordes of shemale porn videos full of succulent tranny dicks having fun with other people.

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