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I and Alexander had been friends for quite a long time: we went to school together, played football for the same teams.

So, as far as you understand we were both athletic builds.

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My name is Andrew I’m now 27 but this happened when I was 22.

One night Alexander and I had got some beer from his dad’s stash. ” we exchanged looks and said: “Sure” with that girls dared me and Alexander for a…kiss! ” I asked angrily: “What the hell are you waiting for from us? ” I grabbed Alexander’s head, took a deep breath and plunged my tongue deep in his mouth! It was hot: they were all over each other’s bodies, touching and groping each other’s boobs! I didn’t want to look, but when I saw Alexander’s eyes closed and his head moving back and forth on my now soaking hard cock! After a few minutes my balls began to build up a big shot! With that I rolled him on his side, released his cock from his shorts and started to wank him hard again. After he had come, I played with his limp shaft, trying to milk more cum out.

We were having a late night on the computer looking at porn, when we got a message that Ann had logged in. She replied that Marry (Alexander’s girl) was with her and that they too were drunk. We both looked at each other and shook our heads with protest, but girls said they would kiss each other if we did the same first! All that went through my mind was 2 hot half naked girls kissing, so I told Alexander: “Come on, man, let’s do this fucking shit, we can see them doing some dirty things too! ” he asked “Yeahh, like that porn we had just seen” He slowly nodded his head and I leant over his face. ” they reaction was: “It should be really good and hot! To my amazement he started to kiss me back so that I was a bit shocked! Before I came I looked at the camera, there was Ann flushed and sweaty, and Marry licking her lips. We are still friends until this day and when we get together we still have fun like that…

My liquid splattered all over my palm, then I looked down at his puddle of cum in his hand!

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