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The result of the sequencing of this nuclear DNA suggests that the genomes of non-African present-day humans contain around 1-4% of DNA sequence inherited from Neanderthals.

The researchers found that “Neanderthals fall within the variation of present-day humans for many regions of the genome.”[vii] This means that, genetically speaking, Neanderthals are not totally extinct as most researchers had assumed so far, but their DNA occurs in many present-day humans.

Other researchers believe that the Neanderthals were the ancestors of early modern humans.[iii] Some archaeological evidence suggests that the last Neanderthals disappeared in western Europe around 35,000 to 34,000 years before present (BP) (radiocarbon dates) or 30,000 years BP depending on dating methods.

The first anatomically modern humans appeared in France around 39,000 years BP, and, according to this theory, introduced new technologies (tools) and art, and thus Neanderthals could represent the ancestors of modern Europeans.

The studies of morphological traits of present-day humans and ancient modern humans have been used as evidence both for and against genetic exchange between Neanderthals and alleged ancestors of modern European humans.[vi] But researchers have been able to obtain DNA from ancient bones and are now using molecular techniques to determine whether Neanderthals once interbred with Homo sapiens.

If such exchange of genes occurred between the two races, then we would be able to find evidence for that in modern human DNA sequences.

IMPLICATIONS WITHIN A BIBLICAL FRAMEWORK The fossil record of hominid and human fossils seemingly fits an evolutionary lineage for the origin of modern humans.

He is, first of all, a true human, with anatomical particularities inherited from human form that preceded him….”[xii] The occurrence of modern human remains interstratified with Neanderthal remains, and the clear archaeological evidence that Neanderthals were using similar tools as modern humans and behaving like them[xiii] clearly suggest that the two groups did co-exist in time and space and were not separate species.Some people have suggested that if we could dress a Neanderthal man with a suit and a tie, perhaps we would not find any significant differences with any of our neighbors, i.e., the differences would not as great as we may have thought.His aspect would be of a robust, short man, with short arms and legs but stocky and wide chest, and a ridge of bone above the eyes, which gives him a ‘primitive’ look.In fact, his overall physical appearance might be similar to Eskimos and some other modern human populations.

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