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Bear: A huge girl, with a warm and fuzzy personality. Duckling: A girl with an attractive and friendly personality. Dulce: A nickname for a smart, funny and down to earth girl.

Bright Eyes: A good name to call a girl with beautiful eyes. Brown Sugar: A cute nickname often used for a beautiful black woman Brownie: A cute pet name for a girl with a lovely chocolate skin or brown eyes. Canary: An excellent pet name for a petite girl, or a great singer. Chubs: She’s as soft as a baby’s skin, tender and gentle in her little ways. Eye Candy: A lady too appealing to your visual senses. Fine Wine: Is she the most exotic girl you’ve ever laid eyes on? Flash: A cool name for a girl who is also a fast runner. Little Donut: A term of endearment for a chubby girl. Claws: Does she find it hard to let go of most things? Collywoggles: Sarcastic yet brilliant in a pleasant manner. Being around her is like being on a roller coaster ride. Daisy: A nickname for a lady with a sweet personality. Doobie: Does she excite you in an intoxicating way? Doodles: These are random abstract drawings usually off the top of someone’s head.

She might be tiny, but she’s adorably hard to resist. Bunny: A nice nickname for a gentle and adorable lady.

Bunny Ears: For the girlfriend with the tiniest and cutest ears ever.

Fairy God Mother: For a girl who’s kindhearted, warm and always ready to help.

Frostbite: For the kind of girl who can switch to icy cold in seconds when upset.

Enigma: A cute name for a weird and mysterious girl.

Everything: All in all, she’s so wonderful that your life would be in shambles without her.

Champ: Short for “champion”; a nickname for a woman who got things under control. Cheeky Monkey: A cute pet name for a smart and crafty girl. Cheesecake: Is she a soft-hearted and adorable girl? Does she make always make your taste buds beg for more?

Pinky: A cute name for a girl with lovely pink lips. Butterfly: A cute name for a great dancer, a beautiful lady, and a thoughtful girl.

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