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Of people surveyed (and as always, I grill friends, casual drinking companions, randoms within close bar proximity, former hook ups and your mailman), their reasonings behind the Instagram-add fell into two camps: those who did it for the followers, and those who did it for transparency.

The crew who told me they did it for the followers said they noticed a modest jump.

She chose What About Bob as her user name—only, she mistyped and ended up with What About Boob.

And whatever you do, keep away from the Dracula references.

None seemed weirded out that listing their handles meant any random, terrifying human who came across their dating profiles, not just matches, could view their Instagrams.

The general response was, “my Instagram is public anyway, so what’s the difference?

Creating your online dating username is not something you should do hastily.

Those with private profiles granted requests for entry at their discretion. Next we have the group who did it for transparency.

Men are quite visual and they’re instantly attracted to women based on what they finds physically attractive.

After interviewing over 60,000 single men and women over the years there’s a few common things I can say men really find attractive in women.

If you consider your online dating profile to be your personal advertising tool in the dating world, your username is your brand’s mission statement.

Creating your username is actually the second most important step to finding and attracting your ideal partner online.

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