Homemade one year dating anniversary gifts for him

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I will never forget giving it to him the first time.He got to read a whole year’s worth of specific reasons I’m grateful for him.Nothing wrong with that, just maybe explains why 90% of online gift guides are products). Starting out with my favorite and the most meaningful because it takes quite a bit of time to complete.

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And while I titled this post “DIY gifts” any and all of these could be used equally well for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mothers/Fathers Day or any other gift-giving opportunity. Everyday (or just about) I write five things I’m thankful for.Only I didn’t get many responses back as soon as I wanted, so I asked more and ended up with 52. Then, I let him open a bunch every hour on his birthday. Two years later for another birthday present, I copied all the letters and made a book out of them on Blurb and included a picture of each contributor next to their letter. This has probably been my favorite present from Rich.Its a similar idea to the one above, but with a slightly different twist.A little disclaimer- I really don’t mean for this list to sound overwhelming or braggy- these are the highlights from nine years of gift giving and we started with the sappy gift bar pretty darn high. For our first anniversary, I flipped through and found every single thing I wrote about Rich in that journal that year and wrote out each entry onto separate little strips of paper.Then I put them inside a little box from Hobby Lobby which I painted and modge-podged a picture of us onto (I’m not usually so crafty, promise).

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