How to act dating

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but the way I see it, they're all strangely related. He always makes fun of the girls, teases them, and treats them like good friends who he's comfortable enough to bust on.Here are a few more quick stories about guys I know who are "cool". In fact, I don't think I've ever seen him WITHOUT at least one girl with him. He's not rich, he doesn't buy things for women, and he doesn't kiss up to them.One friend I used to have LOVED to argue with people. Another friend I have always tries to do nice things and favors for women he likes. I know one guy who loves to tell women how beautiful they are, buy them drinks and dinners, and pursue them with the "You're the greatest thing in the world, and I'm going to chase you around and try to buy your attention".

Most people in this world are ATTACHED to the outcomes of things.But he does something that's rather unusual when he's around women. If he's out with friends, and one of them introduces a female friend, he'll shake her hand and say "hi", then TURN AWAY and go back to whatever he was doing.Somehow, the women that are around him always want to talk to David De Angelo I get a lot of emails from guys asking all kinds of questions about how to behave around women.In fact, this might be one of the areas that guys want to know about the most.

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