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Sae the Pictish tongue retreats frae Argyle as weel as frae the sooth o the Lothian.

Apairt frae a short tyd unner the Protectorate, Scotland stey'd a sinder state, but thar wis guid pukil fechtin atwein the croun an the Covenanters ower the furm o kirk govrenment.

It taks up the northren thrid o the Breetish island.

Scotland haes til its sooth the laund o Ingland, an is bund bi the German Ocean til the eist an the Atlantic Ocean til the north an wast.

In modren tyms the wird "Scot" is uis'd equalie for aw indwallers nae maiter wha thair forebeirs wis.

This is acause the kintra his haed a ceivic raither nor a singil kin orientation for maist o the last thoosan yeir.

Eftir the Glorious Revolution, the aboleition o episkopacie an the dingin doun o the Roman Catholic Jeams VII bi Weelum an Mairie, Scotland breiflie shored ti wale a different Protestant monarch frae Ingland.

Wahghles is nou seen for uisal as anither laund, awtho it wis juist a principalitie o the kinrik o Ingland in 1707.

Repeat'd glaciations, that kiver'd the hail laund-mass o modren Scotland, hae malafouster'd onie traces that thar micht hae been o bodies bidin thon afore the Mesolithic period.

It is thocht that the first post-glacial groups o hunter-gaitherers winned til Scotland aboot 12,800 yeir aby, as the ice sheet retreat'd eftir the last glaciation.

In 1997, the Scots fowk voted ti hae a new chynge the UK incum tax rate bi 3p in the poond.

Scotland's size is maistlie that estaiblisht bi the 1237 twato York atwein Scotland an Ingland an the 1266 Treatie o Perth atwein Scotland an Norawa.

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