Intimidating auf deutsch

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It includes more cases than those found in English, and also has gendered nouns affecting articles and prefixes or postfixes.

German grammar can be quite daunting in the beginning, but don’t worry about getting the grammar just right.

**Digits above 20 are indicated in this same manner.

Beginners who confuse this, especially in large numbers such as telephone numbers, can also simply say each digit individually to avoid confusion.

Don’t get frustrated by an inability to sound exactly like a German when speaking in German; the accent takes years to develop.German can be an intimidating language to learn, but most folks won’t need a degree in linguistics to learn enough to get around.Also, just trying to learn German will help build good will.But any hopes of reviving a merger with rival Commerzbank, where Cerberus Capital Management already owns 5 percent, rest with bigger beasts – including the German government.Investments in public companies are relatively unusual for the firm run by Stephen Feinberg, which tends to specialise in distressed debt and private equity.

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