Intimidating things to say to people

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How comfortable was he with that approach—with being sort of out there naked in that way? I know there was a part of him that was excited about it and that always wanted to do it.

And there was another part of him that was insecure about it and felt, “Well, if they don’t like this, I’m really in trouble, because this is really me.” At what point did he start to feel validated?

And then he might call me back and say, “Well, I like four of these” or “I like this one a lot.” And he would send me songs, and I would tell him which ones I liked and why, and which ones I didn’t like and why.

The first thing we did were acoustic demos in my living room.

And then we went into different studios, with different players, and tried songs in different ways.

I think as time went on, as the trust in our relationship grew from working together and enjoying the work together, if there was a song I really felt strongly about, I might pitch it a bit harder than the typical, “Here are all the songs that I like.” “Hurt” was one of those where I was like, “This really has the potential to be something great.

I think it could be a really important song, and I really hope you do it.” But again, if he didn’t like something, then we wouldn’t do it.

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