Iraqui dating

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After that, the official Israeli announcement stated, an attack on it would have blanketed Baghdad with radiation.''Under such circumstances,'' the statement said, ''no government of Israel could contemplate bombing the reactor.'' U. Not Told in Advance The raid was immediately condemned by the United States, which Mr. A State Department spokesman in Washington denounced it as ''a very serious development and a source of utmost concern.'' Washington has been trying to improve relations with Baghdad.Begin said, but expressed reservations about its advisability.

Authorities carried out policies triggering displacement of communities, including demolition of homes and forcible displacement.

Even that would not have assured our safety because this kind of regime doesn't care even about its own people, so we would have been exposed, and there's no question that we would have been target No.

1.'' Iraqis Have Delivery System He estimated that it would take Iraq about three years to rebuild the reactor.

There were no indications of any preparations for retaliation by Iraq, which has long been technically in a state of war with Israel but is also tangled in a sputtering war with Iran.

The successful Israeli raid was expected to give a further stimulus to the campaign of Mr.

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