Is phyllisia and jah cure dating

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“Hey Davina, good afternoon from my end,” he greeted me cheerily. A man who has had far more said about him in the press than he has said about himself, the Jamaican singer, born Siccature Alcock, could easily be a hateful, untrusting man – especially towards the media.But thankfully, he was chatty and open, insisting that he’s put the past behind him.“I’d describe myself as a simple man, you know; very humble,” says the 32-year-old, whose wife is pregnant with the couple’s first child. His unmistakable husky voice has laced a host of hits including Miles Away and Sticky, earning him praise from both reggae fans and aficionados alike. “So even if I pay a lawyer a million Euros and he wins my case, I will never get that time back.“When it’s time to deal with the crowd, I’ll deal with the crowd, but otherwise, I’m outside of the crowd, living a humble, simple life. Making it his mission to spread the message of love through his music, Cure says he won’t let those who condemn him get him down. Even if you don’t do anything to them, they still want to be negative. “On top of that, Jamaica is so expensive and I have a lot of mouths to feed.

And while many vilified him as a rapist, for many others, his conviction was seen as a great injustice, thereby making the anticipation for his release widespread amongst his supporters.

I’m from the country so I love going to the river and fishing, that kind of thing. That’s life; some people are just out there to beat down other people. I’m not making the kind of money right now where I can just get up and pay lawyers.

Day to day, I chill with my friends, play Play Station, cook, eat food and have a good time.” Jah Cure in the kitchen – admittedly, it’s not really the image that comes to mind when you think of the reggae crooner. I’m from a poor family and for those out there who think that I’m making millions, it’s not so.

So I have to get myself sorted first and these things take time." “It was eight years that I suffered that humiliation [in prison]. In time, the truth will be revealed.” Clearly biding his time before he reveals further details, Cure says that these revelations will be shocking for many.

It’s now been four years [since I was released] and I still don’t have a visa to travel to America, England or Canada. “There are things that people don’t know, but there has to be a time and place for me to talk about those things.

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