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The Decoy Team is made up of deputies who are trained to react appropriately during training scenarios.

This is the shocking moment a K9 mauled a handcuffed suspect's arm while a police officer unsuccessfully tried to pull it away.

K9 Handlers constantly train with their dogs to ensure that they are an effective team.

Another very important aspect of the dogs training plan are the Decoys.

The video then shows two officers who arrive at the scene to hold the suspect's legs down.

Throughout the video the suspect repeatedly screams, 'I am comfortable!

The video has been viewed more than two million times on Facebook and has instigated debates about whether the police officers or the suspect was in the wrong.

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Within a few seconds, blood starts gushing out of the man's arm.I have been lurking quietly on this website for over 2 years, signed up just over 2 years ago. and yet so many times I have read over the classifieds trying to decide if I am brave enough to ask for someone to help me lose my k9 virginity.Yes I am such a coward, in new social situations I get so nervous and shy to the point I blush, lose the power of speech and visibly shake.The officer doesn't seem to have the proper training.Also that dog is not well trained.'The attack unfolded on Monday afternoon.

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